Violence at Colleges in Brazil

Everyone knows that countries with low living standards suffer from an increased level of violence. This situation has happened to Brazil and remains unchanged for many years already. Total instability and violence that you can come across everywhere have already become a terrible standard practice. People can get used to everything, and violence hasn’t become an exception. The educational system in Brazil leaves much to be desired. Many students leave schools and colleges to avoid violence they can face within educational institutions or on the way to it. And while students in some other countries need paper writing help online, Brazilian students need personal guards. Nowadays, some organizations have started working on changing the situation drastically and provide kids with proper education.

Violence happens before kids reach college

The problems start even before students reach their college, especially when it is about poor regions. Two years ago, there were more than 65,000 homicides. This number demonstrated a record level of violence aimed at women, criminal gangs, and armed groups. An incredible number of deaths happened due to firearms, especially in shanty areas, since they represent a big criminal activity concentration. Such things happen daily and become a part of a person’s ordinary life. People learn to survive in such living conditions, and students are used to them too. However, anyway, such an atmosphere affects college attendance rates. Often classes are canceled because of shootouts, so students are forced to stay home. They don’t even go outdoors because they are scared. So, it is not surprising that violence in the streets negatively influences educational attainment and deprives students of their social right to move freely within the country. They don’t ask anyone something like, “Please write my college paper for me, otherwise, I can be expelled” because nobody cares about such a trifle against the background of all other terrible things students face every day.

How does violence affect educational attainment?

The researches have shown that criminal incidents in proximity to colleges and other educational institutions affect educational attainment. Besides, the increased level of violence results in a dramatic reduction in grades and attendance. Students stop taking care of their rates and even get scared to attend their educational establishments. Whenever another homicide happens in college or near it, about ten percent of students stop attending it. Students require a calm and safe environment to focus on their curriculum; they should think about using a paper helper when necessary instead of survival.

Bullying in colleges

In addition to external threats, students face various challenges inside college as well. Kids who are growing up in shanty towns are used to demonstrating violence, and they bring it to college as well. Thus, hundreds of students face insults on the part of other kids and get derogatory names. They feel safe neither inside nor outside the college, so many quit educating because of unbearable emotional pressure. A crowd of bullies awaiting you daily in college becomes a huge stumbling block to attend such a place. According to statistics, about 170,000 students stopped attending college due to the fear of being bullied again. The most dangerous thing about bullying is that its victim is eight times more likely to perceive suicide as the only way to escape. About 6% of college students commit suicide in Brazil every year. Everyone who stands out from the rest with their sexual orientation, religion, skin color, or academic performance is more likely to become a victim of bullying in college. Even a trifle can become a trigger for bullying if an opinion leader doesn’t like something about you.

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